Who don’t know about calcium? I am sure everyone is familiar with that name because the media is very hot with it. As far as we know from media, calcium is very useful for our bones. In fact, calcium is used not only in bones but also in whole body such as in blood, nerve system, and muscles.
In blood, calcium is really needed. Calcium in plasma is used when blood is in contact with air or in other word, when we have a wound. When something happen and make some wound, a protein called protrombin will be activated by the calcium and create a thrombin. The thrombin will activate fibrinogen and create fibrin to close the wound so that blood will stop flowing out of it’s vessel. In short, there won’t be serious bleeding with calcium because calcium can stop bleeding.
Calcium also plays an important role in human’s nerve system. The place where calcium is needed is called sinaps which definition is a gap where neuron meets another neuron. Calcium is used to create a substance called asetilcholine. If an impulse will be sent through a sinaps, asetilcholine is formed and is used to send the impulse through sinaps to other neuron. So what’s happened if there is no calcium in our nerve? Maybe we won’t feel anything.
Ade Rai won’t have any style if his muscles don’t have any calcium, why? Because muscles can have contraction with the help of calcium. Physiologically, our muscle consisted of three proteins, actine, myosin, and troponin. Contraction is happened when troponin,which blocks connection between myosin and actine, bound with calcium so that it doesn’t block the connection. The bound between myosin and actine then result with muscle’s contraction. Now you are sure that calcium is very useful for muscle.
The last use of calcium is for bones. Bones are mostly formed by calcium. Nevertheless, calcium is not practically used for bones. Bones are just a form of storage of calcium when the body has extra calcium.
Blood, nerve system, muscles and bones all need calcium to work the body. With all facts mentioned above, it’s clear that you need a lot of calcium to live your day