-Though people say that it’s out of my comprehension,I’d still love to read it cause it feed my heart and mind.What’s it?Books-
Huda,June 16th,2010

Last night,i read some books from scribd.com.As usual,if i find a good ebook,i will download it and read it another time. After i download some of them,it’s usual to have a notification in my facebook id which says that i read that book.That night,a friend of mine said that i read a difficult book…

In my mind,i think.”Is this book difficult?”

After thinking for a while,i said to myself.”This book is not difficult but your mind makes it difficult”
Why i said that?
Because human’s mindset change a lot. They always have a thought that reading are difficult to do but playing is a lot better than it. I think they don’t know that reading can feed their mind,give them knowledge,even better than watching TV,and give a better perception about the world.What they know about reading is just a not so fun activity.That’s why i say that human’s mindset changes a lot.

Well,that’s just an opinion…
By the way, i have a reason why Indonesia develops slower than other country like Japan,China,America,etc.That’s all because the young don’t have any time for reading.In a country like Japan,students are required to read books and have certain time in their curriculum for reading books every weeks in library.Do we have that?